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Dota AllStars v6.70c Ai R2 - Map Download & Changelog

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PleaseBugMeNot has released yet another Ai Map within a short span of time. In this update he has gone through some fixes from the previous version which was Dota AllStars v6.70c R1 codenamed "Gargrain". A few fixes, bugs mended and a few other changes have been made. Hopefully most of the bugs will be removed but not all.




Dota AllStars Ai v6.70c Map - Download!!!




  1. Fixed Human Phoenix Auto Super Nova after Dive and Low HP.
  2. Removed the debug message after Invoker`s Meteor.
  3. Fixed Walrus Punch not working when used on the same hero twice.
  4. Added Phoenix basic anti Sun Ray and Super Nova reactions.
  5. Fixed a bug in Invoker`s system skills usage making him use Ghost Walk when he can`t.
  6. I put some delay on endscreen generation but i don`t think that fixes the bug with missing data at some point.

Expect another update regarding this soon as a lot of bugs are not still fixed and keep visiting warcraftpk

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