Free Dota2 Steam Invite

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Last Updated on Thursday, 29 November 2012 01:41

Free Dota2 Steam Invite

We have DOTA2 invites available, drop in a comment telling us why you should be given the invite along with your email id, we will send you a gift invite.


VALVE is sending Dota2 invites GIFTS to users who already have beta keys so that they can invite their friends to the amazing world of Dota2. Whats more fun that playing with your buddies. If anyone of you don't have access to Dota2 better ask your friends again who play Dota2 or you could comment below and get invited.


New Garena Messenger Download

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Last Updated on Sunday, 25 September 2011 16:56

garena messenger_plus_downloadThe all new Garena Messenger download guide for all existing and new garena members. The current new garena messenger offers many more features as compared to te current normal garena messenger client which is available for download. Some of its features enabels you to join in a room with a limit of 235 members as apposed ot the previous garena mesenger which would allow you 125 members only, after which you are supposed to buy Garena Gold memberships to access the room. The new integrated chat system available in garena messenger allows you share, upload and download files with your contacts and send them offline messeges. You can custom change your status and with it are available a whole new set of avatars. New Garena messenger skin has alos been improved giving it a more ghotic feel to it. Everything else besides mentioned above remains the same in this new garena messenger which is now available for download at : http://cdn.garenanow.com/im/installer/GarenaPlus_Install.exe